What is the kashrus for the milk & yogurts ?
The milk and yogurts are under the strict supervision of Rabbi Margulies from Vienna
? Is there a possibility to buy kosher products in a branch not listed on your Mpreis list? And what's regarding Kosher bread ?
No sorry, but if there is a demand for a large group, we could discuss the options with Mpreis .Besides Kosher bread which is organized directly under the supervision of Machsike Hadass in Vienna and can be bought in all Mpreis branches but must be preordered For further info please email; kosherbrot@gmail.com
Which kosher products are available at Mpreis and on the mountain restaurants ?
Mpreis is providing kosher milk & yogurts in selected branches, sausages and cheese which will be updated on our website Ice cream is available at Fiss mountain restaurants (Moseralm and Bergdiamant) and in Kapll at sunny mountain restaurant