KOSHER BREAD PAS YISROEL will be available to order in ALL “MPREIS BAGUETTE stores.
There is a possibility to order bread in MPREIS without BAGUETTE, MINIM and T&G-supermarkets. The shops should know about this. If this is not the case, contact our Supervisor in a reply to the following email; with the subject “NEED HELP WITH SHOP COORDINATION”. [No orders under this email, we can only arrange that you will be able to order in these stores]

The bread is under the supervision of the Vaad HaKashrus Machsike Hadass Vienna / Rav M. E. Weiss Shlit”a.

The certificate is valid from 19th July/10th Av until 13th of August/5th Elul 5781/’21.

Kosher bread website: click here.

The kosher breads are round and baked and sold in octagonal wooden moldsOnly the following 4 bread types are kosher:

  1. KOSCHER Weißbrot ohne Mohn 450 g / Kosher White bread (without poppy seeds)
  2. KOSCHER Weißbrot mit Mohn 450 g / Kosher White bread with poppy seeds
  3. KOSCHER Kürbiskernbrot 500 g / Kosher mixed bread with pumpkin seed
  4. KOSCHER Multi Grainbrot  500 g/ Kosher Multigrain bread

To ensure that the desired amount of bread will be available, it has to be PREORDERED THE LATEST –> ON THE DAY BEFORE UNTIL 08:30 AM [for MONDAY order on Friday until 12h] <– in your local store. YOU CAN PREORDER BY PHONE OR EMAIL A FEW DAYS EARLIER AND YOU CAN ORDER FOR A WHOLE WEEK OR MORE IN ADVANCE.

Look for the closest shop to your location: Link_MPreis-Baguette or Link_MPreis-MiniM or Link_T&G.*
*TIP: Emailaddress of stores/shops is made up from the last 4 digits of the phone no. and … or …

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As we are now finalizing our orders with Mpreis for summer 2021, we kindly ask from all group organizers to update us with their relevant details
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