The Kosher bread organizers are pleased to inform you that KOSHER BREAD PAS YISROEL will IY”H be available to order in ALL “MPREIS BAGUETTE stores by the bakery department from the 30th June 2023

There is a possibility to order bread in MPREIS (without BAGUETTE), MINIM and T&G-supermarkets. The shops should know about this. If they are not aware about the ability to order kosher bread, reply with the subject “SHOP COORDINATION”. [No orders under this email, we can only arrange with MPREIS  that you will be able to order in these stores].

Please note that nothing can be 100% guaranteed, and in rare cases, it has happened already that the ordered bread did not arrive or was not delivered in the right amounts, etc.Therefore we recommend that you take care to have an “emergency backup bread” and not to rely completely on the “MPREIS-Kosher-Bread” as your one and only source of sustenance.

The bread is under the strict supervision of the Vaad HaKashrus Machsike Hadass Vienna – Rav M. E. Weiss Shlit”a.

The kosher breads are round and baked and sold in wooden basketsThe breads are sealed in bags and carry a sign with the words פת ישראל מחזיקי הדת וויען on the sticker.  They can be ordered FRESH or FROZEN.

Only the following 2 bread types are kosher.

  1. KOSCHER Weißbrot (ohne Mohn)450 g / Kosher White bread (without poppy seeds)
  2. KOSCHER Weißbrot mit Mohn450 g / Kosher White bread with poppy seeds

To ensure that the desired amount of bread will be available, it should be PREORDERED THE LATEST –> TWO DAYS BEFORE UNTIL 08:30 AM [for MONDAY order on Thursday until 8:30 AM] <– in your local store. YOU CAN PREORDER BY PHONE OR EMAIL A FEW DAYS EARLIER AND YOU CAN ORDER FOR A WHOLE WEEK OR MORE IN ADVANCE. Please verify delivery time and quantities on your own with the shop.

Look for the closest shop to your location: MPreis-Baguette or MPreis-MiniM or T&G.*

*TIP: The email addresses of stores are made up from the last 4 digits of the phone no. and … or …


MPREIS Kosher bread website: click here.