Info About Mpreis Kosher Bread Summer 5779/'19


We are pleased to inform you that KOSHER BREAD PAS YISROEL will be available to order in ALL MPREIS BAGUETTEMPREIS without BAGUETTE, MINIM and T&G-supermarkets.

The bread is under the supervision of the Vaad HaKashrus Machsike Hadass Vienna / Rav M. E. Weiss Shlit"a.

The certificate is valid from 5th of Augusty/4th Av until 30th of August/29th Av 5779/'19. 

The kosher breads are baked and sold in wooden molds. Only the following 6 bread types are kosher:

  1. Weißbrot ohne Mohn im langen Korb 500 g / White bread in a long basket Price: 3,40 €
  2. Weißbrot mit Mohn im langen Korb 500 g / White bread with poppy seeds in a long basket Price: 3,40 €
  3. Schwarzbrot im langen Korb 750 g / Dark bread in a long basket Price: 3,40 €
  4. Kürbiskernbrot BIO im runden Korb 500 g / Pumpkin seed bread in a round basket Price: 3,55 €
  5. Roggenbrot BIO im runden Korb 800 g / Rye bread in a round basket Price: 3,20 €
  6. Mehrkornbrot BIO im viereckigen Korb 500 g/ Multigrain bread in a rectangle basket Price: 3,75 €

To ensure that the desired amount of bread will be available, it has to be PREORDERED THE LATEST –> ON THE DAY BEFORE UNTIL 08:00 AM <– in your local store. YOU CAN PREORDER BY EMAIL OR PHONE A FEW DAYS EARLIER AND YOU CAN ORDER FOR A WHOLE WEEK OR MORE IN ADVANCE.


Look for the closest shop to your location: click here or here.*


You can order the kosher bread in ALL MPREIS-Stores. Below you find a sample list of a few popular locations for your convenience:

  • FISS: MPREIS-Baguette Fiss, Fisser Str. 6, 6533 Fiss, Tel. +43 5 0322 926704, E-Mail:,  Opening hours: Mo-Fr 7:30-19:00
  • SERFAUS: MPREIS-Baguette Serfaus, Dorfbahnstr. 50, 6534 Serfaus, Tel. +43 5 0322 926022, E-Mail:, Opening hours: Mo-Fr 7:30-18:30
  • NEUSTIFT: MPREIS-Baguette Neustift Stubaital, Stubaitalstr. 78, 6167 Neustift, Tel. +43 5 0322 926182, E-Mail:, Opening hours: Mo-Fr 8:00-18:30
  • SAALBACH: MPREIS-Baguette Saalbach, Dorfplatz 533, 5763 Saalbach, Tel. +43 5 0322926762, E-Mail:, Opening hours: Mo-Fr 8:00-19:00
  • ST. ANTON: MPREIS-Baguette St. Anton, Arlberg, Gewerbegebiet 15, 6580 St. Anton, Tel. +43 5 0322 926066, E-Mail:, Opening hours: Mo-Fr 7:30-19:00
  • GALTÜR/ISCHGL/MATHON/KAPPL: MPREIS-Baguette See, Elis 370, 6077 See, Tel. +43 5 0322 926077, E-Mail:, Opening hours: Mo-Fr 7:30-18:30

*The email address of the shops is made up from the last 4 numbers of the telephone number and "". Find examples in the sample list above.


Link to MPREIS-Website about kosher bread 2019click here (Under the supervision of Machsike Hadass Vienna)

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